The BuildingAdvice SavingsTracker Report. 

Measurably Track the Financial Impact of Your PM and Project Work in Your Clients' Buildings

  • Document savings generated from work performed in clients' buildings and build local case studies for your sales team.
  • Use as a tool to convey methods and proven success with prospects.
  • Outsourced to BuildingAdvice, a non-biased 3rd party M&V provider.
  • Normalize for a multiple variables such as weather, occupancy, additional square footage, etc.
  • Reporting follows Industry IPMVP Protocol for tracking savings.

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Track $ Savings from the Work You Perform in Your Clients' Facilities

The BuildingAdvice SavingsTracker Reporting Service utilizes analysts on staff to collect utility bills to first build a 2 year baseline of the building's historical performance and then collect bills each month moving forward to track savings. Graphically pleasing and financially driven reporting can be used for building local case studies for your sales teams. Quarterly reports are provided to you and your sales teams to proactively share with your clients as well ass a live dashboard updated monthly.

Consumption vs. Outside Temperatures

Normalization plays a very important role in calculating true savings. Simply comparing one year's utility bills to another year's does not take into account variables such as outside temperatures and weather. The BuildingAdvice SavingsTracker reporting service allows for Service Professionals to understand how weather is impacting the operations of their clients' facilities and normalize for this variable in an accurate way. 

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