The BuildingAdvice Project Financial Analysis (PFA) Report. 

Incorporate Financial Reporting Into Every Project Proposal

  • Suite of automated software tools that calculate estimated energy savings associated with equipment & controls upgrades.
  • Cloud-based library of energy calculations uses minimal inputs such as name plate data and annual utility spend.
  • Results are automatically run through the software's financial analytics engine & integrated into a color graphic proposal.
  • Select from Simple Payback, Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return, Discounted Cash Flow or Return on Investment. 
  • Compare standard efficiency equipment to higher efficiency equipment in one report to "build your case."
  • See our blog post on Equipment upgrades and why every proposal should include financial justification. 

Download a copy of the Project Financial Analysis Report Today!

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Limited Engineering Resources or None at All? No Problem! 

The Project Financial Analysis is a suite of automated software tools designed to enable "non-engineers" to incorporate estimated energy and other cost savings into a proposal that financially justifies equipment and controls related upgrades. Select from a number of financial metrics to be displayed in every proposal. 

Highlight the Cost of Delay In Every Proposal

Have your clients ever thought about what it would cost them if they did NOT move forward with the project or upgrade? The Project Financial Analysis features the Cost of Delay, or inaction, in every report spread out over 5, 10, 15, even 20 years. 

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