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Benchmark your Client's Building Quickly!

With the traditional Energy Star Portfolio Manager approach to Benchmarking Buildings, you and your sales team may find yourselves stalled out in the sales process trying to get 13 months of individual bills or property use inputs. The BuildingAdvice Energy Scorecard bypasses the need for such granular inputs and allows sales teams to quickly and effectively compare peer building types against each other using the Commercial Building Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS) Data and minimal inputs from you. 

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Compare EUI Metrics

Benchmark your client's facilities by comparing their building's Energy Use Intensity (EUI) to other similar building types.

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HVAC Plays a BIG Role

Demonstrate how much of the building's energy spend is going towards HVAC related End Uses. 

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Quantify Energy Savings

Use Real Building Data and not Generalizations or Industry Standards to quantify energy savings in your client's buildings. 

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